Pest-free outdoor entertainment


There’s something fabulous about hosting an outdoor party in the warmer months. Don’t let pests get in the way and ruin your fun. They are prevalent in the summertime and can become a real nuisance – they can easily spread disease too. A pest-free outdoor party sounds perfect! So how to achieve this?

Summertime pests

Key summertime pests include ants, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, cockroaches and wasps. It’s peak season for these pests and  they certainly are relentless with their search for food, shelter and breeding spots.

Keep your family and friends happy by prepared before your next outdoor party and consider the following tips:

  1. Have plenty of insect repellent on hand. Mosquitoes are active at dusk and dawn so even consider the timing of your outdoor party. Citronella certainly helps minimise the presence of mosquitoes in the area and wear long sleeves/pants to avoid bites.
  2. Get your home treated professionally with a general pest service before your party. Be proactive and prevent pests searching for shelter and finding breeding/feeding grounds at your home.
  3. Prior to the party, check fly screens and repair any holes. Encourage guests to close doors behind them when they enter and exit out of your house.
  4. Use sealed containers and eskies to cover food and beverages.
  5. Clean any spills or crumbs immediately from tables and other surfaces, and keep garbage bins sealed and away from guests.
  6. Plan to serve food and drinks inside and reserve the outdoor space for eating and entertaining.
  7. Remove standing water outside that could become a great breeding spot for mosquitoes. This includes birdbaths or kiddie pools.

Enjoy your outdoor gathering, and ensure that pests don’t get the chance to RSVP!


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