Pest control during the COVID-19 pandemic


Many types of pests in urban environments are vectors of diseases, contaminating and consuming food supplies and causing physical damage to homes. World Health Organisation lists over 30 important pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa and helminths that can be spread by just rodents and their ectoparasites.

Homes, like many other structures, provide ideal environments for many of these opportunistic pests.

How pests impacts homes during coronavirus

Unfortunately, pests don’t care if there’s a lockdown. They’re on the search for perfect harbourages to shelter and breed, especially when there is little or no disturbance during the lockdown. Pests can damage many parts of a house trying to gain access and find food and nesting places.

Rodents cause gnawing damage and shred materials for nesting, birds can damage roofs and block drains causing flooding damage and all pests contaminate surfaces with droppings. Pest numbers can rapidly increase with access to food supplies – including unemptied food waste bins.

The essential role of pest control during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pest control plays a crucial role in managing infestations and dealing with activity quickly. Costs can be significantly reduced through routine visits and managing pest problems sooner rather than later.

professional pest control service can provide an integrated pest-management plan that controls pests efficiently and discreetly to protect your home.

How has pest control servicing changed during COVID-19?

Rentokil Pest Control takes servicing customers safely and diligently very seriously. Rentokil technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment to carry out services safely and effectively.

Procedures have been put in place to ensure the following:

  • No handshaking exchanges between technicians and customers
  • Option for customers to refuse to provide signatures during COVID-19
  • Our technicians to be in good health and not to attend services if showing symptoms or signs of COVID-19, or simply feeling unwell
  • Technicians to practise good hygiene, and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after each service
  • Not travel to sites in pairs, and clean and disinfect the inside of their work vehicle on a regular basis
  • Option to have only the external part of houses service
  • Maintain social distance throughout service

To help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect yourself and those who are most at risk. Please contact Rentokil if any member of the household demonstrates cold or flu-like symptoms prior to any pest control service.

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