Kathryn Birett
Parliament house was recently invaded by thousands of jumping chirping crickets which were fast growing in plague numbers. It appears that the entire Capital Territory has been experiencing a plague. Canberra is not the only place...
Kathryn Birett
Over the last six months the Australia farming community has experienced floods, fires and locust plagues, and now they are facing a mouse plague.  Already farmers in Western Australia, South Australia, NSW and Queensland are experiencing...
Kathryn Birett
With the increase in the number of international travellers, people moving more frequently, overcrowded living conditions and the lack of effective insecticides, the number of bed bug infestations have increased significantly.   Bed bugs are dispersed...
Bugs are a great source of protein, are low in fat and chemical free. It’s kinder on our planet too – farming a pound of caterpillar uses a tenth of the resource than a pound of beef. Sometimes prawns...



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