Why you’ll be seeing more mosquitoes this Summer


With La Niña upon us, this brings slightly cooler but wetter conditions to many parts of Australia. During this phase, northern and eastern Australia are particularly likely to have a wet spring and summer.

Why is wet weather so important for them?

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant or still water. It’s in these pools of water, that their larvae hatch and live for a few weeks before growing into adults and flying away.  The more rain we get, the more opportunities that mosquitoes have to breed.

How much water do they need?

They require only a bottle cap worth to multiply. Therefore it’s key to look out for spots around the home for still and stagnant water. This may include things like flower pots, tyres, play equipment, and open containers, even water-holding plants. Some yards that are heavily contoured may notice increased mosquito activity after rain where water can pool.

How can I prevent mosquitoes?

You can prevent mosquitoes by removing access to stagnant water. Ensure that you’re emptying containers regularly, and especially after rainfall. This includes plant dishes, pet bowls, garden ornaments such as birdbaths, boats, kayaks, and any items that collect water.

You may even choose to grow some mosquito repelling plants in your garden such as marigolds and catnip. Plants are not completely effective but are believed to assist in turning away mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellants and clothing are additional methods of preventing bites from these creatures.

Professional mosquito management

By engaging with a professional pest controller, you can book regular services to treat these areas with Larvicide. Larvicide will target mosquitoes in their larvae stage of the life cycle. These granules will stunt the growth of larvae and prevent them from proceeding to their stage where they transition into adults.

Your professional pest technician will provide detailed recommendations that are tailored for your property. They may spot items on-site that require attention and provide a practical plan to keep on top of mosquitoes in your home.

A mosquito spray using Adulticide will target mosquitoes in adult form. The treatment is quite detailed and is targeted to mosquito resting areas. Areas that are included include outdoor dining settings, chairs, footpaths, and areas of outdoor entertaining. Mosquitoes are poor fliers but are in search of their blood meal. They are attracted to Carbon Dioxide, so they will remain in areas where this will be regularly expired to make a move on their prey.

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