Bedbugs Feeding

Innovative treatment for bed bugs and insects


Bed bugs FeedingIn as little as an hour, a portable Rentokil Endotherm Heat Pod can eradicate bed bugs and insects by maintaining a computer controlled heat of around 60 degrees that impacts the waxy outer layer of the pests causing dehydration, while also denaturing the proteins within the insects’ bodies.

The chemical free heat remedy effectively treats all stages of the life cycle making it suitable for use in hotels, guest houses, transportation, food processing centres, hospitals and care homes.

Benefits for your business

  • Chemical-free – allowing treated items to be re-used directly afterwards and reducing the risk of damaging fragile items
  • Effective in a Single Treatment – kills all stages of an insect’s lifecycle, from egg to adult, in one treatment, even in areas where traditional chemicals would not penetrate
  • Minimal Disruption – easy and convenient treatment of insect infested items on site
  • Enables Thorough Inspection – the removal of infested items from the vicinity allows a more thorough inspection to can be undertaken, identifying other contributing issues
  • Fully Controlled – under the complete control of a Rentokil expert throughout the entire process, ensuring 100% effective treatment on every occasion with a full proof of service report provided

Also suitable for

  • Safely treat antiques with closely monitored heat and humidity levels
  • Textile pests in fabric, furniture and carpets
  • Stored product insects in food factories, mills and bakeries
  • Wood boring insects


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