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When it comes to pest control, being able to identify the bugs in your house is just the first step, but this itself can become a tedious task and can also be very difficult. We all know that bugs and insects come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know which insect has infiltrated your humble abode. In doing so you can help streamline the approach to control and manage the pests in your house.

At any time, a wide variety of pests can infest both workplaces and residential homes in Australia. The differences between these pests can be quite distinct but often very subtle and hard to identify for untrained individuals. For example did you know that termites often get mistaken for ants? The main difference between the two is termites have a thicker waist and straight antennae.

Why is Identifying Pests Important?

So you may ask yourself why is identifying pests your home so important? Well the main answer to this vital question is that the first step towards a safer and cleaner home is to identify any pests at an early stage.

By identifying these pests at an early stage you can:

  • Diagnose the Potential Risk: By identifying the in your home home and/or workplace you are providing yourself with the relative information into the effects the pest can have on both your healthy and property.
  • Select the Right Treatment: Being able to identify any potential pests in your home and workplace equips you with the knowledge to select the right treatment process to help manage your pest problem.
  • Act Fast and Save Money: Having the knowledge to identify a potential pest infestation early on can help speed up the management process by relaying this information to your pest control company, saving you both time and money.

Rentokil Pest ID

Rentokil Pest Identification Tool

It is because of this that Rentokil are proud to introduce our new Pest ID page which allows you to identify the pest which are currently setting up shop in your home. This simple, and effect tool can be found here and could not be easier to use!

  • Simply start the Pest ID process by selecting if the pest you have seen in your home is either a flying insect, a crawling insect, a rodent or a bird and view our extensive list of pest whom are possible causing you sleepless nights.
  • Still finding it hard to identify your pest? Then use the filter options in the top right hand corner where you can select your pests number of legs, size, size of antennae, colour, and where you found them.
  • Found your pest? Then give us a call for a free quote to manage your potential pest problem.

Looking to Create a Safer, Happier Bug-free Home?

Our new Pest ID feature helps streamline the approach to managing a pest issue by giving you the knowledge to know what you’re dealing with. Before we introduced our Pest ID tool into the market, being able to identify bugs correctly was only reserved for entomologist and industry experts which meant that process of managing a pest problem wasn’t as efficient as it could be in regards to both time and money.

Had a go at our Pest ID tool and think your pretty good at identifying pests in your home? Why not head over to our Facebook page and try to identify some of our Lego built pests?

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