Bed Bug Bandits title scene

How to outsmart bed bugs


The very mention of bed bugs and people start to feel itchy. It’s like an automatic reaction.

Bed Bug Bandits title scene

“Does heat kill them then?” this was my husband’s response when he first saw the Bed Bug Bandits video. “Yes, it’s one of the best ways to control them” I replied rather smugly- as clearly demonstrated by Boris and Brad Bed Bug at the end of the video.




Effective professional treatments often include:

  • Heat treatment
  • Chemical Sprays
  • Fumigation

Of course these professional services do come at a cost.  But if you want a reliable and fast method of control, these are your best options to beat bed bugs.

Just the other day, a police headquarters in Massachusetts, USA had to be temporarily evacuated for fumigation required to control a bed bug problem.

You didn’t think bed bugs only affected hotels, did you?

What is the Best Way to Treat Bed bugs?

‘The difficulty in treating bed bugs is not necessarily in killing them. It is ensuring you kill all of them.’ – I read this statement once by an entomologist (I paraphrase here) and it has stuck with me ever since.

In other words, you need to know exactly what you are doing!

You need to treat them thoroughly and rapidly, and at the first sign of bed bugs to ensure success and faster removal.

If you don’t kill all of them, their numbers will very quickly recover and you are back to square one.

Want to beat this pest?

Luck and wishful thinking don’t come into it.

You need a basic understanding of their lifecyle, behaviour, favourite hiding spots, as well as how to operate and use professional solutions.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment technology is now widely adopted in the pest control industry as one of the most reliable solutions for bed bugs.

An increased resistance of pests to more traditional chemical control methods, led to this shift in research and development into non-chemical and integrated solutions.

In 2010 Rentokil’s Entotherm heat treatment solution was awarded the Best Business Award for Best Innovation in the private sector in the UK.

If you now think that by cranking up the heating in your room you will kill off all possible bed bugs, you are wrong.

What makes this technology effective?

There are 4 aspects that determine the effectiveness of heat treatment:

  1. Temperature – 47°C can kill bed bugs. The recommended temperature range for Entotherm is between 56°C and 60°C to reduce any margin of error.
  2. Treatment time – This high temperature is held for 1 ½ to 3 hours or more depending on the level of infestation, and relative level of clutter in the treated rooms.
  3. Distribution – a uniform distribution of hot air needs to be attained in order to target bed bugs hidden in the most unlikely places or crevices around your room.
  4. Monitoring – careful monitoring of the environment under treatment is also critical to ensure right temperatures are maintained throughout treatment.

How NOT to Kill Bed Bugs

Nowadays it is almost impossible for an entire week to go by without some sort of bed bug news hitting the headlines.

We are all far more ‘bed bug aware’ then we used to be but this is because of a real need.

Did you know….? there is an annual Bed Bug Awareness Week in the US? Some states also have task forces set up to tackle the growing bed bug problem, for example, Central Ohio Bedbug Task Force.

For a while during the 80s and 90s, there was virtually no mention of this parasite. And then all of a sudden, they land back in the spotlight.

For all that we might know about bed bugs now, there is still a lot of misconception out there around how to treat a problem if it strikes in your home or business.

These news stories demonstrate the desperation people feel when faced with a bed bug problem:

  1. You want a very quick solution to the problem – you feel like they are taking over your home or business and feel overwhelmed.
  2. You want to be in control – so you try a DIY solution or something you have heard about that may or may not work.
  3. You want to stop the bites – because you are fed up and feel like you don’t own your own bed anymore.

So, How Do You Outsmart Bed Bugs?

With the use of effective products and services, proven to be successfully against bed bugs.

I totally get why people try to use DIY solutions to get rid of the problem. It seems the quickest and cheapest route and one that can be successful. Popular related search queries I often come across include:

  • Does alcohol kill bed bugs?
  • Do bed bug sprays work?
  • How long does bed bug powder take to work?

However, as news stories demonstrate, the most important thing is to be aware of the health and safety risks.

Keep up-to-date on all the adventures of the Bed Bug Bandits for more blogs and comics.



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