Homebuyers say ‘no’ to rodents


Rentokil-Rats-Home-ValueWorking for Rentokil, you start to become immune to the horror pests because you see the problems being solved on a daily basis. You can sometimes forget what effect that can have on people. I was bought back to Earth last week.

We recently conducted a survey where we found more than 80% of people would scratch a house from their list if it were to have rodents. Not just that, over half believed a property would decrease in value between 5% and 25%.

Let’s do the numbers…

The average cost of a home in Australia is $360,000;
take, say, 15% off the home value
= a massive $54,000 off the price of the property.

Even at 5% off (the minimum the respondents said they’d take off) that’s $18,000!

It is not only the physical damage of a rodent infestation that can affect a family, the emotional impacts can also be distressing. Dealing with a rodent infestation is a long and arduous process that can take months to eradicate.

In addition to gnawing away at a property’s value, rodents can cause severe physical damage to homes. A key characteristic of a rodent is its front incisors (teeth). These incisors never stop growing and can grow up to 5 inches a year, consequently rodents must continuously gnaw to keep these short. As a result rodents gnaw, chew and scratch away at doors, furniture, plaster, electrical wires and telephone and internet cables which is not only an inconvenience to homeowners but also leads to costly repairs and potential hazards like electrical fires.

Most homeowners are unaware of repair costs for damage caused by rodents with 40% unable to estimate a dollar value. However, 41% thought rodents could cause anywhere between $500-$10,000+ worth of damage.

There are a lot of $’s adding up in this post.

A rodent infestation can quickly get out of control.

Within a period of a year a single pair of mating rodents can result in a rodent population of 400-700. Female rodents are capable of giving birth to between five to 10 offspring more than four times a year and that offspring is ready to reproduce just three months after birth.

But there are things you can do to prevent rodents in your home:

  • Hygiene and housekeeping should be a key focus with thorough, regular cleaning taking place frequently to avoiding infestation
  • If you own a property that is standing empty for any period of time, make sure you inspect it regularly to look for any signs of rodent activity
  • Seal up holes in the property to keep rodents out
  • Ensure all pipe-work is in good working order
  • Look after your drains, clean them regularly to avoid infestations and unblock gutters

If you do spot a rodent in your home, act fast:

  • Contact Rentokil immediately on 1300 805 087
  • Our trained, local technicians will arrange for the removal of the rodents
  • They’ll also give you rodent-proofing advice specific to your home


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