cockroach hiding places

Hide & Seek: 10 Common Cockroach Hiding Places

Kathryn Birett

cockroach hiding places

Cockroaches are nocturnal, thigmotactic and gregarious (ummm, what? Find out here…), which means they like a good game of hide and seek. We’ve seen a lot of

cockroach hiding places in our time – some quite common and others just downright strange!

Here are a few places that offer cockroaches a great harbourage:

1. Under benches in kitchens, bars, coffee stations etc.

(We don’t recommend running your fingers across these spots unless you want them covered in

cockroach droppings!)

2. Cupboards and trim boards

3. Inside artwork frames

4. Inside, behind or underneath appliances (e.g. microwaves, dishwashers etc.)

5. Inside furniture (e.g. lounges, bar stools etc.)

6. Around pipes in kitchens and bathrooms

7. Behind posters on walls

8. Inside Exit Signs

9. Behind wallpaper

10. Inside automatic inspect sprays


Kathryn Birett
Kathryn Birett

As a mother, I know how important it is to keep our loved ones safe. As an employee, I also know how important it is to protect brand reputation and image. I look forward to sharing new information, tips and solutions to remove or prevent pests to your business and home.

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