Here comes Spring, along with the Spiders!


Australia is home to some of the world’s most dangerous spiders. Australia boasts over 2000 species of arachnids. These eight legged intruders range from harmless to venomous creatures that should be avoided at all costs, such as Sydney funnel web, Mouse and Red back spiders.


The most common spiders found in Australia are:

White Tail spiders, Red back spiders, Common house spiders, Daddy long legs spiders, Funnel web, Garden orb weaving spiders and Huntsman spiders.

Spiders display an expansive diversity in their life cycles and habits, but all share a few similar traits. Most spiders live a relatively short life, although some species (e.g. funnel webs and trap-doors) can live for several years.

The young spiders depend upon the first flush of insects in springtime for food. They grow slowly to adulthood through spring and summer and this is when we are most likely to notice spiders around us. In late summer and autumn, adult spiders mate, lay eggs and die and another cycle begins.

Female and male spiders usually look similar to each other; often the male is a little smaller and has a slimmer abdomen.

Spider Bites

A spider bite is one of the hazards of the Australian summer which, for most spiders, is the peak season for finding a mate and hunting prey.

Spiders bites are usually always in defense. Most species are placid, but almost all will try to bite when threatened or provoked and many disliked being handled. However, some spiders, such as funnel webs, are easily provoked and can quickly become aggressive. An inquisitive cat or dog or even a little vibration is enough for them to rise into a defensive posture and attack, which makes them not a very good house guest.

Spring Spider Treatment

We recommend that you have your home treated in the spring or early summer to interrupt the cycle.

With highly qualified and friendly technicians across the country, all practicing COVID-safe services, you can book online today or call your local branch on 1300 307 939.

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