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Kreethi Yadav

So you have seen the signs of mice or rats within your home and/or workplace. But what next? Should you leave them alone as they are harmless little creatures just looking for a home? Well not exactly, these small vermin bring a range of diseases with them when finding a new nesting area, causing a major health risk to your family and your employees.

How can rodents make you sick?

Rodent activity means one thing – diseases! Although they look harmless rodents can spread diseases through to all the food and water in your home and/or workplace. Rodents spread diseases by contaminating your food and water sources with their urine and droppings.

A rodent’s urine and droppings are known to contain the following pathogens:

  • Leptospirosis^
  • Salmonellosis^
  • Rat-bite fever^
  • Tularemia^
  • Meningitis*
  • Weil’s Disease*
  • Tapeworm*
  • Infectious jaundice*

Are there other ways to catch a disease from a rodent?

Yes, especially if you decided to remove any dead rodents without any professional help.

Diseases you can catch from rodents:

  • Weil’s Disease* – This can be transmitted through direct contact with bacteria found in the urine and faeces of rodents. Weil’s disease finds its way into the human body by entering the skin through open wounds or scratches on the skin.
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM)^ – LCM is transmitted via dust that is contaminated with rodent urine and faeces and is inhaled. LCM can also be contracted through direct contact with rodents.
  • Rat-Bite Fever^ – Rat-Bite Fever is a horrible disease. It is contracted by getting bitten or scratched by a rodent as well as touching a dead rat or mouse.
  • Tularemia^: – This disease is contracted by touching a dead or rodent or being bitten by one if the rodent in question is carrying this disease.

How to eliminate Rodent diseases

Once you have successfully rid yourself of a rodent infestation, the next step is to thoroughly clean and disinfect any surfaces the rodents might have encountered on their journeys. This will help ensure that your home and/or workplace is completely disease-free. Unfortunately, the classic spray and wipe won’t cut it.

Pest Disinfection Service

At Rentokil we highly recommend investing in a pest disinfection service to help battle any potential, harmful, bacteria rodents leave behind.

Our pest disinfection service is a unique biocidal solution which is specifically designed to target the harmful diseases in which rodents can transmit. The solution is a non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive spray. When applied to an area previously occupied by rodents will successfully kill all harmful bacteria and will reduce the spread of the infectious pathogens left behind by the un-invited house guests.

This pest disinfection spray can be applied by your Rentokil technician after a rodent problem has been managed.

^ For additional information:

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Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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