$40 for you, and $40 for someone in your circle


Pests of any kind are not ideal to share your residence with. You have taken all the steps to carry out necessary pest control services but there is always the question of what you should do if your neighbours have pests? Any pest issues could spread to your property if left unchecked – especially rodents, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Full Circle Referral Rewards

We have a great referral program. We can give you a $40 discount for every person you refer to carry out their pest control needs with us – a booking must go ahead. So if you refer 3 customers that use our services, that will be a $120 discount on your services. You can potentially receive a free service.

For each person that you refer, they will receive $40 off their initial service too! There is no limit to the number of referrals you make. Retroactive referrals are not eligible for consideration in the program, and a referral customer name may only be submitted one time under this program.

This offer extends to family and friends as well (not just neighbours). They do not need to reside in the same area. Collectively, you can benefit from referral discounts.

Services that apply

All residential pest control services can have this discount applied – from general pest sprays through to termite inspections. Be proactive during the winter season with preventative pest control in the lead-up to peak seasons.

How to apply

Simply fill in this form or advise a Customer Service team member of the referred person’s Full Name, Phone Number, and Email Address. If they accept the referral and make a booking, your discount will be applied to your account to use for your next pest control service.

We believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty. Thank you for choosing us!

Kathryn Birett

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