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Egg hunts and Easter picnics are viewed as an open invitation to pests. They disregard your guest list and love to make an impromptu appearance. They also love leftovers and will use these as pathways into your residence.

Hiding eggs and chocolate treats provides enjoyment to both young and old over the Easter period and can include hard-boiled eggs that are typically dyed or painted, artificial eggs made of plastic filled with sugary treats, or foil-wrapped chocolates of various sizes. This assortment provides fun challenges for the kiddies, so it’s important that you reduce any potential hazards before beginning to hide the Easter eggs and keep your hunt hassle-free!

Before the Easter egg hunt

Give your yard a good once-over. Keep an eye out for signs of pest activity, including spider webs, anthills, wasp nests, stagnant water (perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes to lay eggs).

Having a professional pest control treatment done a week or so before these activities will help provide peace of mind to ensure there’s minimal pest activity. Hiring a professional pest technician is important so they are can evaluate and address any questionable spots.

  1. Plan your egg hunt hiding spots ahead of time and check that the areas are free from pests.
  2. Note where the eggs are hidden and do a count after the hunt to ensure no eggs were left behind.
  3. Provide a place for rubbish too and away from the house.

By taking these few precautionary steps will help reduce the risk of bites and stings especially from spiders, ants, wasps and bees.

During the Easter egg hunt

Keep your eye out for cracked Easter eggs. Throw any cracked eggs away instead of keeping it in the hunt as they are likely to attract pests instead of those will shells intact. Place all wrappers in the rubbish bin and more importantly, pick up any dropped pieces of chocolate or treats and dispose of immediately. This also applies to Easter egg shells!

After the Easter egg hunt

Check for common signs of pests in your home.  If you do see an increase in pest activity after the Easter egg hunt, contact a professional pest controller to help protect you and your property from pest infestations and their associated risks.

Kathryn Birett

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