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Kreethi Yadav

Don't let termites ruin your dream home rentokilIt’s estimated that Termites attack one in four Australian homes. That is a ridiculous statistic, one that I am not happy with. Mainly because, while most girls dream of their weddings, the dress and the flowers, I’ve always envisioned a barn come house with wooden floors, a fireplace and the back wall made of French doors that face a lake. I’ve dreamt about this for too long clearly.

As a wedding planner would account for potential disasters taking place, I have too. Lately I’ve been overcome with a thought, what if Termites agree that my home is the perfect spot to kick up their feet and settle down? With the frightful reflection that house insurance may not protect me against Termite infestation, after a lifetime of saving and dreaming, to be left unprotected and vulnerable is not something I am ok with.

As protective as I am of my dream, there is only one of me against four different types of termites. Dry wood Termites, Damp wood Termites, Subterranean Termites and West Indian Dry wood Termites are the most common in Australia. Each type has their own preference of wood, climate and life-cycles that are hard to keep track of let alone protect my home against.

If I don’t protect my dream however, I may as well bid it adieu. Although life hasn’t geared me up to go all Lara Croft on Termites, the local Rentokil man will. With both local and global expertise, Rentokil comes equipped with both pre and post-construction termite protection plans.

Although my dream home may be a long way from complete or actualizing for that matter, this is one panic attack I can put to bed so I can keep on dreaming.

Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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