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The presence of a wasps’ nest often leads to property owners taking matters into their own hands and trying to remove a wasp nest themselves.

When we dream of Summertime whilst rugged up in our Winter woollies, there is something we don’t want to think about … Mosquitoes!

Your property could be an ideal breeding ground for cockroaches. There are multiple ways they can gain entry to buildings.

Let’s face it, ants in your house can be a big nuisance and many people suffer the fate of an ant invasion especially as temperatures soar.

Discovering rats in your home or business can be very distressing. Luckily there are ways you can deter rats and prevent an infestation.

Almost every Australian home may be at risk of termites, but do not lose hope. The fight against this damaging pest is not yet lost. The good news is we have several methods to help protect your building or structure against termites.

Several fly species are attracted to food odours generated in homes, commercial kitchens, retail stores, food processing factories and farms. These include house flies, fruit flies, drain flies and blow flies.