9 Spring and Summer pest prevention tips


Spring is finally here! Gone are the days of shivering non-stop, it’s time to put those winter coats back into storage and enjoy the sun!

Spring and Summer are the times during the year where we can sit outside, and enjoy those long summer days. But, there’s something out there just waiting to spoil your summertime fun, pests!

Spring and Summer Pests

As the seasons change so do the pests which inhabit our homes and gardens. Autumn and Winter are prime time for rodents, bed bugs, and fleas whilst Spring and Summer are ruled by stinging and biting insects to name a few.

Common spring/summer pests

As the spring and summer are a popular time for people to take holidays and visit other destinations, bed bugs can also be a problem during these months.

Spring & Summer prevention tips

Although there is a range of different pests looking to invade your home during the warmer months, there are a handful of prevention tips you can implement to help keep these pests away.

1. Roof

A damaged rood can provide pests with immediate access to your home.

Prevention tips:

  • Repair damaged roof tiles
  • Fill cracks in with roofing cement
  • Make sure drain pipes are clear of debris and standing water
  • Check the overhang of the roof and in between roof tiles for nests

2. Air Vents

Air vents can provide an easy entry point to your home. During the springtime when termite swarms start, this can make your home quite vulnerable.

Prevention Tip:

  • Install mesh airbrick ventilation covers

3. Roof void/attics

Your roof void is an ideal place for some pests to set up camp and build their nests. The exposed wood beams and items stored in cardboard boxes can be a good source of food.

Prevention Tips:

  • Store items in plastic boxes
  • Regularly inspect beams for termite damage by pressing your thumb on the timber to test if it is feeling soft and spongy

4. Bedroom

Bedrooms can be a prime spot for pest activity. For some pests, like bed bugs, it can be a source of food and refuge.

Prevention Tips:

  • Keep windows and doors shut
  • Reduce the amount of wooden furniture
  • Keep furniture away from walls
  • Regularly inspect for termite activity
  • Check beds, pillows, mattresses, bed frames and carpet for signs of bed bugs
  • Wash bed linen at a high temperature of at least 60 degrees celcius, ideally for 90mins
  • Vacuum regularly

5. Windows

Left open, windows are a great entry route for pests into your home.

Prevention Tips:

  • Keep windows shut, especially during swarming periods for ants and termites
  • Install a fly screen to prevent flying insects

6. Garden

Gardens can act as a giant magnet for pests. It’s full of food, places to live and breeding areas.

Prevention Tips:

  • Remove standing water from buckets and other containers
  • Remove unwanted tree stumps
  • Keep piles of wood elevated and away from the foundations of your home
  • Keep shrubbery and vegetation to a minimum
  • Use mulch made from plastic, rubber, and gravel instead of wood
  • Seal cracks in patios
  • Keep compost in a container with a tight lid
  • Check garden regularly

7. Garage

Garages aren’t only a great place to keep your car, they also provide pests with a place to nest and act as a stepping stone into your home.

Prevention Tips:

  • Check corners for wasps and hornet nests
  • Repair any damages to the infrastructure
  • Make sure garage is free from damp
  • Store items in plastic boxes, and ideally off the floor
  • Ensure all entrances to your home, if any, are properly sealed

8. Kitchen

Kitchens are an ideal place for pests to forage for food. The abundance of food turns your kitchen into a free all-you-can-eat buffet for pests.

Prevention Tips:

  • Empty bins on a daily basis
  • Check pipes for leakage, and repair if necessary
  • Keep work surfaces clean and free from spillage and crumbs
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Empty litter trays regularly
  • Do not leave pet food out when temperatures are high

9. Outdoor Bins

Outside bins act as an open invitation to a 5-star restaurant for pests.

Prevention Tips:

  • Do not overfill bins
  • Ensure all bins have tight fitting lids

Worried about mosquitoes, ants or termites? Contact us for expert advice and solutions on how to get rid of spring and summer pests in your home and garden.


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