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4 Do’s and Don’ts of DIY pest control


If there are enough pests in your home that you’re actually considering charging them rent, it’s probably time for some do-it-yourself pest control and prevention. There are plenty of DIY pest control remedies out there, but not all techniques are created equal. The following 4 dos will help you avoid the don’ts associated with DIY pest control and common pests.


 diy pest control

Just because ants are tiny doesn’t mean they’re any easier to squash. Where there’s one ant, there’s usually thousands, so it’s best to hit them at home in their colony.


Spray ants with insecticides. Sure, it’ll kill them in their tracks, but you have an entire colony to demolish, so destroying only a few at time will get you nowhere.


Use baits in the form of granules. The main job of the ants you see rummaging your kitchen floor is to bring food back to the colony. With bait, they’ll carry the granules back home and destroy the entire colony. Once the ants are gone for good, block any and all points of entry and spray repellent along door jambs.


There’s a reason roaches are rumored to outlive a nuclear fallout, they’re tough little bugs. But every roach’s weakness is its appetite.


Just throw down roach traps left and right, especially if your kitchen needs a good cleaning. The roaches will fall for the scent, eat the insecticide, and die, but there will definitely be more of them coming.


Clean your kitchen of any crumbs or past spills and make sure all food sources are sealed. In addition, make sure your kitchen is clutter-free, because roaches love to hide until the lights go out. After your kitchen is clean, place the roach traps in and between cabinets as well as behind the refrigerator and in the pantry.


Wood-chomping termites aren’t just pesky, they also wreak havoc on your house and its structural integrity, potentially costing you thousands in repairs.


Attempt to eliminate a termite infestation on your own, there aren’t any effective DIY remedies. What you can do is look for signs of termites like pinholes in baseboards, soft spots on wood surfaces, and splintering wood.


Take the best termite infestation elimination approach available by contacting a pest control professional. Pest control companies know what they’re doing and have the tools necessary to effectively take care of the job the first time around.


Rats and mice are common household pests in just about every part of the world. In order to get rid of these furry critters, you have to fortify both the interior and exterior of your home.


Lure rodents to traps with food. Although open food sources will draw them to their demise, the smell will also attract more rodents.


Eliminate any points of entry like gaps around plumbing and wiring. You can also cut back any tree limbs that touch your roof as these only help rodents enter your roof cavity.


Having a house full of unwanted guests is a real pain. By following the dos and don’ts above, you’ll have pest-free home in no time.


(Image credit: Image via Flickr by ElCapitanBSC)


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