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Pest control Blacktown

If you would like to know more about our pest and termite control services and prices, please contact us by phone at 1300 307 576 or fill this online contact form.

Expert pest control in and around Blacktown

Our expert local team provide property, building, and pest inspection, and pest control services throughout Blacktown and areas of Western Sydney.

Pest control for your home in Blacktown

We have a wide range of services for 'general' pests such as ants, cockroaches, rats, spiders, mice, birds and everything else that bothers us in Blacktown.

We provide quick, safe and responsive pest control solutions by west Sydney locals backed by the assurance that comes from the Rentokil name.

Commercial pest control in Blacktown

We work closely with the food industry, from food processing to restaurants and bars and food retail stores in Blacktown and all of Western Sydney. Our experience and knowledge of the stringent food legislation ensure we are trusted by our customers and partners to provide effective pest control services to ensure they remain pest free and compliant.

We understand that you have zero tolerance for pests. Rentokil is your undisputed Brand Defender.

Expert protection for local Blacktown businesses

We also provide pest control solutions to a number of commercial offices, industrial sites, mining companies and hotels, ensuring this is completed discreetly and with minimal disruption to their business and their own customers.

Get rid of rats and mice for your business in Blacktown

The presence of rodents, such as rats and mice, can damage your reputation and your business. They are known to have caused house fires after chewing electrical cables. Rentokil protects your business from the danger of mice with the RADAR mouse trap. RADAR is tailored to your needs and protects the most vulnerable areas of your premises.

Termite treatment for your home in Blacktown

White ants or termites are a threat to homes and businesses in Blacktown. As we live in such a high-risk termite area, we have a great amount of experience in termite protection and treatment, including termite inspections, monitoring, baiting and pre-construction barriers

Specialist services

Our Sydney branch also boasts a specialist fumigation team, offering a range of professional pest fumigation treatments to keep your environment pest-free and compliant with healthy and safety regulations.

We deliver practical fumigation service solutions to safeguard businesses such as shipping and cargo (container, manufacturing, warehousing, milling and agriculture, silo fumigation in particular. All our fumigation treatments are compliant with healthy and safety regulations.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest fumigant technology to avoid extensive disruption to your operations.

Seasonal pests in and around Blacktown

Our office is in Lidcombe and covers all of Blacktown and surrounding areas including Seven Hills, Mount Druitt and Kings Langley. We have a team of 80 pest and termite control technicians and support staff who work hard to protect Blacktown homes and businesses from pests. Being local means we know intimately the characteristics of pests in Blacktown, especially termites.

Proudly sponsoring Sydney’s grassroots football clubs

Rentokil have proudly sponsored Carrs Park Football Club and St. George Warriers FC. We’re happy to be supporting grassroots clubs to ensure they’re able to continue the great work they do for the community.

Bed Bugs

With the high concentration of hotels in certain areas of Blacktown, bed bugs are a very real problem for our suburb. It’s not just hotels that are at risk, over 40% of Australians recently surveyed by Rentokil did not realise that bed bugs could travel with them once they have left an infested establishment. We answer the most frequent questions about bed bugs and we can help you prevent a bed bug problem from happening.


In many situations, ants are thought to be harmless. Call for expert help if you see signs of ants in your house, they will be in for a treat with Rentokil.

Around Blacktown, fire ants are a common nuisance pest in homes and businesses. They are a major agricultural and urban pest that are extremely aggressive, notorious for inflicting painful bites, destroying crops and invading residential & commercial areas.

Learn more about ants and read how to prevent ant problems, and get rid of them with our expert tips. However, if you cannot solve the problem with our DIY tips, it’s time to ask for professional pest control.


Fleas are a common problem, especially in areas such as Blacktown in homes with pets. Fleas may be carried by hairy animals like rabbits, foxes, mice, rats and livestock too. Flea bites, while not painful, can cause discomfort. Learn what fleas look like and see how to identify signs of fleas, and read some of our tips to prevent flea problems. We also provide effective solutions to help you get rid of fleas in a few steps.

If you still find it hard to get rid of fleas, we provide expert flea control services for businesses and for your home and family.


Wasps, not to be confused with bees, are a common problem in Blacktown, with European wasps being the most common.

If you are experiencing high numbers of wasps in your home or garden, there is likely to be a nest nearby. Learn how to spot the signs of wasp nests. It is advised to act with caution when around a wasp nest as wasp stings can be life threatening in some cases.

Preventing wasps is key if you want to avoid problems with wasps, especially in summer. If you have a wasp problem and you need a wasp nest removal, we highly recommend you to arrange for a professional wasp treatment. This will eliminate the wasps and keep you and your family or your business safe from the threat of stings.

Other Pests

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