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Innovation and services

Finding smarter, more effective ways to control pests, such as termites, rats and mice, is a major focus for us at Rentokil.

Innovation and product development are vital to raise standards within the industry for both pest control and protection.

Our range of new technological solutions aim to improve overall service efficiency, protect public health and offer greater management information to our customers.

Innovative control solutions

Based at our unrivalled Global Technical Centre in Horsham, UK, our team of experts in Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Regulatory Affairs, Product Formulation, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Sensing Technology work to innovate and develop new and more efficient products.

This enables us as a business to keep up with the changing regulatory landscape and increasing legislation, around food safety for instance.

An increasing area of focus is on prevention, remote monitoring and added value information management for reporting pest activity.

Connected pest control

Connect is an innovative technical solution developed by Rentokil Pest Control that is designed to protect businesses that are legally required to demonstrate high hygiene standards and those that have high value assets to protect.

The Connect systems consist of an ecosystem of devices with a range of sensors that send data automatically to a cloud storage system. This Connect (sensing) technology provides the PestConnect portfolio of devices:

  • RADAR Connect for mice
  • AutoGate Connect for rats
  • Cage Connect for wild mammals

A customer portal collects the data from the cloud storage system and provides an integrated reporting and analysis system that allows businesses to monitor and analyse the data for their sites in real time.

This solution give customers unique and powerful tools to maintain high standards of pest control and comply with any legislative requirements.

PestConnect business benefits

PestConnect is a system of devices that detect, capture or humanely kill a variety of pests using traps, bait stations and monitoring units. These devices have been developed using our unique capabilities in research into pest behaviour and product development at our Global Technical Centre:

  • The devices have infrared sensors that can detect a pest and activate a trap or allow access to bait.
  • They then send their activation data to a database on the Rentokil server, and automatically trigger alerts to Rentokil technicians (exterminators) and customers via a dedicated wireless network or a GSM mobile network.
  • It is integrated with our customer portal, myRentokil which provides a range of information.

Integrated pest management service

The PestConnect system together with the integrated myRentokil customer portal can be used as part of an effective integrated pest management service consisting of a five-stage process designed to help businesses protect valuable assets and comply with legislation:

  • Monitor: Continuous monitoring of the customer site via Rentokil’s innovative Connect solutions. Unique to Rentokil, these units make use of leading infrared technology to monitor your premises all day, every day.
  • Alert: As soon as the unit is triggered, a message is sent to an on-site control panel. This in turn sends a message to the Rentokil server within 60 seconds. Information is updated on the customer portal, providing a full audit trail that includes details of the time and location of pest activity. An alert is sent to the customer and details are sent to a local Rentokil technician.
  • Respond: Once notified, your local Rentokil technician (exterminator) will be in contact to arrange a visit at a suitable time for you.
  • Report: All service visit activity will be recorded on our customer portal — a unique, online reporting system. Accessible 24/7, it provides access to real-time information, allowing you to identify risks, recommendations and trends. Flexible features provide information such as trend analysis, interactive site plans and audit checklists.
  • Optimise: During the visit, the technician will survey the premises to identify any sign of infestation and recommend preventive measures required to optimise the integrated pest management strategy.

RADAR Connect

RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection and Riddance) is a device that captures, kills and contains mice humanely and hygienically.

RADAR is designed for businesses with zero tolerance to pests and where conventional poison baiting is not allowed for safety reasons, such as the food industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities.

It is designed to take advantage of a mouse’s natural and inquisitive behaviour in moving around inside a building, so it will enter the unit where it is automatically trapped.

See more information about RADAR Connect.


AutoGate is a rat control and alert system designed to comply with Australian regulations governing the use of pesticides. It is a detachable unit that fits inside existing bait stations and uses a smart gate mechanism that opens to allow access to bait only when a rat is detected.

AutoGate is a patented and first-to-market solution to intelligently control access to bait.

It is designed for use in high-risk areas where children or pets may be present or in countries where legislation restricts permanent baiting to protect people and the environment.

See more information about AutoGate Connect.

Cage Connect

Cage Connect has been designed to deal with the issue of trapping live wildlife in an effective and humane way, without a technician needing to check the trap every day. Through using Cage Connect, trapping services can be extended to a period of one week, increasing the chances of trapping a pest animal. An automated alert sent over the mobile phone network when an animal is trapped enables a technician to respond quickly.

See more information about Cage Connect.

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