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Online reporting and auditing

myRentokil is Rentokil's online reporting and analysis system. It is easy to use and delivers real-time information, facilitating a proactive approach to pest prevention and control.

If you are familiar with PestNetOnline, this online reporting tool is an updated system providing you with new features to access your real-time pest activity information.

Enjoy the features and benefits of myRentokil

  • Accurate, detailed records of pest activity - Your myRentokil report identifies detected pest species, locations with high levels of activity, and site plans with complete activity history.

  • Recommendations to improve pest management - Proactively manage open, pending and closed recommendations from your technician, with the ability to provide feedback at each stage.

  • Interactive site plans for coverage - Site plans show all the devices and inspection points throughout your site, illustrating your defences against pest infestations.

  • Reports that deliver data directly to your inbox - Reports can be tailored to your specifications based on pest activity, recommendations, visits, and material usage. You can also schedule exports to be automatically generated and emailed to you at selected intervals.

  • Multi-site tools help manage your pest program - Display a summary of the current status of your entire pest control program across your property portfolio or drill down to detail on individual sites.

  • Proof of service - The Proof of Service Report captures all visit details a technician records during his visit.

Knowledge and control at the click of a button

Whether on-site or on the move, have instant access to a secure, web-based, real time pest reporting system with myRentokil. So whether you are responsible for a single site or a number of sites across a wide geography, myRentokil gives you access to all the information you need to help you through the audit process giving you complete peace of mind.

To talk to us about upgrading your pest control service to myRentokil, please call us on 1300 307 576 or contact us online.

myRentokil FAQs

  • What is myRentokil?

    myRentokil is a unique online reporting system designed and built by Rentokil. It is easy to use and delivers real-time information, facilitating a proactive approach to pest prevention and control. Access is available 24/7 from wherever you are, providing you with the peace of mind that you can view and analyse your pest control data whenever you want.

  • How do I get myRentokil?

    To talk to us about upgrading your PestNetOnline system or to find out more about myRentokil, please contact us.

  • How do I know my data is safe?

    myRentokil has been designed as a secured site, ensured by:
    — A password protected system with controlled access lists
    — Encrypted communications
    — Data is managed at a secure data centre with an established disaster recovery plan

  • What are the system requirements for myRentokil?

    myRentokil is an online application that does not require any software to run it. You simply need an Internet connection and a supported web browser. Web browsers that are supported include Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 and above. Safari and Firefox are not supported.

  • How can myRentokil help with my audit requirements

    There is a lot to consider when preparing for audits and having instant access to key information to manage and prioritise risks to your business is a critical activity. Use myRentokil to help satisfy the needs of a range of auditing bodies and ensure your company complies with necessary legislation and standards.

  • How much does myRentokil cost?

    For more information please contact us.

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