LED fly control launches ahead of summer

Electronic LED fly killers are set to change the way the hospitality industry manages flies and reputation, ahead of Australia’s fly season.

A study by Rentokil indicated that 45 per cent of businesses that have suffered fly infestation report major concerns about loss of income through damage to business reputation. Impacted businesses indicate the cost of fly infestations is in excess of $11,000 per year*.

Replacing traditional blue-light fluorescent systems, Rentokil’s Lumnia electronic LED fly killer substantially improves catch rates compared with traditional tube light competitors.

With LED technology Rentokil’s Lumnia also saves an average of 61 per cent of energy costs**.

The Lumnia unit has been designed with aesthetics to suit the requirements of the hospitality industry, with different lighting systems and an active lighting mode that adapts output according to the ambient lighting levels.

Rentokil’s Lumnia also improves serviceability, with longer intervals between bulb changes and a discreet servicing process that does not interrupt business.

Lumnia comes as a result of working in partnership with a leading manufacturer of LED. The testing of these LED Tubes show 40 per cent further throw of combined UVA/UVB than traditional fluorescent tubes.

Kate Levy, Head of Marketing for Rentokil Initial Pacific said the Lumnia units were a new tool in reputation management for cafes, restaurants, pubs, and clubs.

“We understand the challenge fly control can bring to businesses. In 2017 a reputation takes a long time to build, and it can be destroyed by a single fly in a coffee, meal or glass of wine.”

“For three years Rentokil’s Global Science Center has been testing and analysing LED technology with global lighting leaders.The technology is now at a point that its benefits can be leveraged for customers due to lower cost LEDs and enhanced performance.

“Lumnia gives businesses the ability to control their reputation, save money and energy and do it an a way that suits the aesthetic of the space they have created. It’s more environmentally friendly than traditional, ugly blue light tube systems and it outperforms their catch rate significantly.”

About Rentokil

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For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Kate Levy
Head of Marketing, Pacific
Rentokil Initial
M: +61 411 016 965
@: kate.levy@rentokil-initial.com

*Opinion Matters Research 2015 commissioned by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) for Rentokil
**Compared to competing fly control units



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