Rentokil, Google and PA Consulting Group collaborate

Our parent company announced a collaboration with Google and PA Consulting Group (PA) which will lead to the global deployment of its innovative digital pest control products and, in the future, to the development of ‘next generation’ services to offer customers new levels of proactive risk management against the threat of pest infestation.

The collaboration brings together Rentokil’s proprietary connected products and global pest control expertise; Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning; and PA’s digital and Agile expertise as one of Google's leading global partners in the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud Platform.

Internet of Things in Action: Digital Pest Control Milestone set by Rentokil

Rentokil has developed and begun to roll out its range of connected rodent control products particularly to customers in the tightly regulated food and pharmaceutical industries. In the field today, Rentokil has over 20,000 digital devices running in 12 countries which have now sent more than 3 million pieces of data.

The new digital pest control services use connected rodent devices with embedded sensors and mobile connectivity. The units communicate with Rentokil’s online ‘Command Centre’ and when they've caught a rodent, the technician is automatically alerted while customers are kept informed through myRentokil, the industry’s leading online portal. Not only does this allow a rapid response to emerging problems on site before they take hold, but it also enhances productivity by directing activity to where it is most needed. In addition, the devices provide continuous status information such as the quality of the mobile signal and battery life. Overall, this enables a more effective and efficient pest control service.

Built on Google’s Cloud Platform, and delivered by PA using Agile techniques, this technology is highly scalable and is now ready to be deployed more widely to existing and new customers from Q4 2016 and to other parts of the Company including supporting smart washroom applications by Initial.

Last month, in an early example of what the future of pest control may look like, Rentokil used this connected technology to remotely identify an emerging mouse problem and inform its customer, a large supermarket in the Netherlands, not only that it had a potentially damaging issue in one of its stores, but also precisely where it originated. In consultation with the customer, they agreed an upgrade to their service plan, increasing the service frequency of visits by the local Rentokil technician and targeted this increased activity where it would have maximum impact.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Future of Pest Control

With the widespread deployment of digital pest control services, such as connected rodent or insect traps located within customers’ premises, Rentokil will receive millions of pieces of data.

With today’s agreement, all of the information will be hosted securely on the Google Cloud Platform and, together with PA’s digital data and visualisation expertise, Rentokil aims to leverage Google’s Cloud Platform and machine learning to deliver big data and predictive analytics – ultimately creating a next generation of pest control services.

Rentokil’s vision is to be able to offer its customers predictive advice and connected solutions which, for instance, map weather patterns with rodent behaviour or map swarms of insects as they cross territories.

This new depth of insight will be enabled through a suite of tools developed by the close collaboration between Rentokil, Google and PA. At the heart of this will be the online ‘Command Centre’ where Rentokil can view data from across its global operations right down to each individual trap and its specific state of service.

Andy Ransom, CEO, Rentokil Initial:

“We have brought together the very best organisations in their respective fields to deliver the power of cloud storage and big data. We are already leading the field in digital pest control through the use of our connected devices and now have the partners and scale to help us to learn from the data and in doing so provide innovative new services for our customers. This is the ‘Internet of Things’ in action.

“We have worked with Google for several years to become one of the world’s largest users of Google Apps, Hangouts and G+. Now we are expanding that relationship into the Google Cloud Platform and data analytics.”

Preston Holmes, Head of IoT Solutions, Google Cloud Platform:

"We are really excited to be partnering with Rentokil Initial and PA on a truly unique digital offering, built on the Google Cloud Platform. Rentokil's digital pest control platform is a fantastic demonstration of how IoT can bring tangible business value to Rentokil and their customers, delivering an innovative end-to-end customer experience that is transforming this industry.

“This opens up an incredible opportunity to predict and proactively address their customers’ pest control needs on a global scale."

Dan Rossner, Digital Solutions expert at PA Consulting Group:

“This was an exciting and challenging opportunity to transform the way that Rentokil Initial operates and to enhance its customer experience in a digital world.

“There is a lot of hype around the Internet of Things in the market – and what we’ve created is a real, working solution that will help to grow Rentokil Initial’s connected business.

“Working in partnership with Google and Rentokil Initial, PA delivered the new system in only three months that can now be implemented globally. We are proud to have been part of the team working on this project and look forward to continuing our work with Rentokil Initial and seeing them grow.”



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