How to Fight Bed Bugs

The aim of the Bed Bug Bandits is to help raise awareness of bed bugs. We found out in a recent Travel Survey that 1 in 10 Australians have encountered bed bugs in Australia and 1 in 4 have encountered them overseas. The more you travel the higher the risk of bed bugs being brought into Australia and Australian homes.

To a pest control expert, spotting the signs of bed bugs is relatively easy, but to the untrained eye this can be rather difficult. By providing our customers with the knowledge to not only identify bed bugs, but also information on how they spread, where they hide, as well as how and when they feed, will inevitably contribute to the first stepping stones into managing a bed bug problem.

The #BedBugBandits are the bedroom-dwelling squad of the Legion of Pests. They thrive on human blood, dining on a host at night time due to their nocturnal nature.

This team of blood thirsty pests consists of three main instigators: Bard; Boris; and Bella. Follow them over the next several months through their debut film and comic strips to find out how to spot the bed bug bandits, as well as their favourite hiding places and eating habits.

We are also running a competition on our Facebook page where you can win a $20 Westfield voucher. We are looking for you to name the fourth bed bug as well as provided his stats. To enter head over to our Facebook page and leave your name suggestions in the comments of the featured post.



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