Flood compromises efficacy of existing termite barriers

$600 saving offered per home requiring treatment in flood-affected areas

Queensland properties hit by the floods have become even more susceptible to termite infestations as previously installed barriers are being weakened by water entering treated areas around the home.

Pest control experts Rentokil are advising homeowners in affected areas to have their homes treated as soon as possible to avoid further structural damage.The company is offering relief of on average $600* per home in the affected areas for re-treatment and also for first-time treatments.

Simon Lean, Australian Technical Manager at Rentokil, said: “If your home has been affected by floods in the past two years, even if you have previously had a termite treatment, your home may no longer be protected. Flood waters can affect termite chemical soil barriers by physically removing treated soil away from the structure and depositing untreated soil and debris in its place. This can enable termites to bridge or breach and gain access to the home.”

The 25% discount aims to assist residents who have had to shoulder the financial burden of flood damage. Kate Levy, Head of Marketing Services at Rentokil, said: “Queenslanders have undergone some serious hardships over the past couple of years as a result of the floods, leaving them out of pocket and dealing with a considerable amount of stress. We hope this offer, open to residents in flood-affected areas, can help homeowners who either require first-time treatment or a refresh on previous treatments to protect their home.”

Rentokil has seen an 8.7% increase in termite infestations in Brisbane since the same time last year and this figure is expected to rise as the wet and warm summer offered the perfect conditions for termites.

Simon added: “The continuing heat and rain will further accelerate the rate at which termites develop their nests and this could have a devastating effect on homes that have not been properly protected. The flood has made an existing problem even worse so homeowners really need to take action.”
It is estimated that one in four Australian homes are attacked by termites**, but termite damage is not covered by home insurance.

Read the press release in full (PDF 106KB).



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