Extreme weather increases chance of Termite trouble

Termite infestations rise by more than 8 per cent

21 February, 2013, Australia – Experts are warning Australians to be vigilant about protecting their home and spotting infestations early, as termite season is set to hit its peak this February. The summer’s combination of extreme heat and heavy downpours is providing the ideal living conditions for termites, which can be notoriously difficult to spot.

Rentokil, the pest control experts, say that while termites are always on the lookout for a new habitat, the recent weather will see an increase in termite colonies invading Australian homes. The company has seen an 8.2% increase in termite infestations nationally since the same time last year and this figure is expected to rise before the end of summer. East coast cities have been particularly hard-hit with increases of 11.5% in Sydney and 8.7% in Brisbane.

Simon Lean, Australian Technical Manager at Rentokil, said: “Even though we are nearing the end of summer, termite season is far from over. On the contrary, we project that the continuing heat and rain will further accelerate the rate at which termites develop their nests and this could have a devastating effect on homes that have not been properly protected.

Read the Rentokil Termite press release in full.

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