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There are many claims being made about the efficacy of electric fly killers and it can be difficult for customers to determine which the best product for any given situation. To overcome this, Rentokil has devised a standard test to scientifically measure performance, allowing customers to directly compare products against each other.

If it comes down to one thing we really care about, it’s how fast we can remove flies from an environment. The quicker we eliminate them, the lower the risk of fly-borne diseases.

The Rentokil test is based on releasing 100 house flies (Musca domestica) in a standard test room with the product/ unit installed, and counting the number of flies captured at regular intervals over a seven hour period. This process is repeated at least six times to ensure a fair reflection of performance over time.

While this information can be presented as a graph, it is difficult to make meaningful comparisons between multiple units, so we developed the concept of the Half-Life measure - representing the time taken to eliminate 50% of the flies released in the test chamber. In other words, a median life expectancy percentage of a fly released into the test room before it is caught by the fly killer unit. Employing all the scientific calculations, but making accessible to customers: the lower the Half-Life measure, the more effective the unit.