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Rentokil, the world’s leading commercial pest control company, is delighted to have achieved certification for the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations’ (CEPA) new standard for Pest Management Services - EN16636 - across the European countries in which it operates.

The new standard is an important step for the pest control industry in aligning standards across Europe. It provides a robust auditing system which providers must adhere to, ensuring a high quality of work for customers and thus helping to eliminate rogue traders.

As a leading provider of pest control services, Rentokil demonstrated its commitment to its customers, by working alongside CEPA to help develop the standard, which was ratified by the European Standards Institute (CEN) on the 13th of January 2016.

The value of CEPA certification for our customers

This industry standard defines processes, action plans, skills and establishes practices for assessments, cause and risk analysis . lt also sets out the competences required for different roles (administrative, sales, professional user, technical responsible person) that contribute to the delivery of pest management services.

We understand that is important for our business customers that we prove that everything from our working practices and training to our working ethics and values are aligned to the correct standards.

Being certified by the CEPA, will guarantee proven protection and reliable service, where our business customers can expect:

  • In-depth experience: We have been providing pest control services to thousands of customers for decades across a range of business sectors globally.
  • Industry expertise: We know what it takes to protect your business effectively against a wide range of pests.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Our choice of control techniques and integration of appropriate measures to restrict pest population development allow us to keep pesticides to a minimum and monitor the impact.
  • Trained and certified technicians: All our service technicians have completed Rentokil's rigorous training programme to a standard unrivalled within the industry.
  • Continuous training: Throughout their careers Rentokil pest control technicians complete on-going training courses in specific technical aspects of pest control.

What is the purpose of EN 16636?

The purpose of EN 16636 is to ensure the protection of customers, public health and the environment through a responsible approach to pest management in all countries of the European Union and EFTA

  • This is the very first Standard specific to the pest control industry.
  • It specifies the requirements, recommendations and basic competencies under which pest management service companies must operate to meet the needs of their customers, be they private companies, public authorities or general public.
  • The standard recognises the critical role the pest control industry plays in the maintenance of health and hygiene vital for all society, from homeowners to food processors to hoteliers.

Companies can declare compliance with the standard and then after an external audit, through a registered certifying organisation, can become certified.

The importance of CEPA certification for Rentokil

We are proud to be recognised as a CEPA certified pest control company.

As a member of many pest management associations around the world, we welcome new standards, which serve to harmonize and raise standards in the pest control industry.

More importantly, this certification helps support our customers, build our industry’s reliability and maintain the future development of pest control through close collaboration with regulatory bodies.

“I take great pride in the publication of the European Standard for the Provision of Pest Management Services. I wish to thank every member of the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations for their input and their share in this successful outcome.

A lot has been invested in order to provide the members of our profession with a proactive tool to respond to the queries of public opinion and to regulatory pressure. The publication of this standard and CEPA Certified, its accompanying certification scheme, represents a major step forward towards professionalising our industry and improving our image vis à vis authorities, citizens, clients and stakeholders across Europe.

I wish to congratulate all the members of our community who have already successfully undergone the auditing process and who, by embracing this initiative, have made our industry stand out.”

Bertrand Montmoreau, CEPA Chair



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