Schedulable reports

You have 4 report options to choose from:

  • Pest activity
  • Recommendations
  • Tasks
  • Visits

These reports can be customised to your requirements:

  • Site options – report on a single site, multiple sites or a site collection
  • Choose the specific information that you would like to report on:
    • Specific pest families or species
    • Recommendations by status, type and priority
    • Tasks by type and status
    • Visits by type
  • Select your time period
    • Number of visits – this option also allows you to specify activity and recommendations recorded on consecutive visits to manage Follow up activities
    • Fixed time period
    • Customised time period 
  • Set up and confirm your report
    • Name your report and enter the recipient email addresses – these do not need to be PestNetOnline users, enabling you to distribute the data to all of your stakeholders
  • Select your reports format
    • CSV or PDF
  • Schedule your report
    • Either run the report once now, or schedule the report to deliver at regular intervals defined by you
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