Online Pest Control Records

Detailed, real time pest control data

Using barcodes to uniquely identify locations, our technicians will carry out a complete pest control service, recording pest activity, tasks, recommendations and preparations at each point with a PDA. When the service is complete, our technicians will wirelessly transmit the data directly to PNOL, which is then immediately available for you to access online.

You can choose a level of PestNetOnline that meets the complexity and functionality that you require.

Simple view – Proof Of Service and Issue Alert

Single barcode

PoS image

Information is recorded for the whole site as one location, giving an accurate summary of your pest control for duty of care and management purposes.

Intermediate level – Standard and Professional

Single and multi barcode zones

Zone image

You site is divided into zones which will have either single inspection points or multiple pest detectors, depending on the PestNetOnline level and risk assessment of that area.

Complex model – High Dependency

All pest detectors

HD detail image

Every pest detector is barcoded to give a complete profile of the site, detailing pest activity, tasks, recommendations and preparations for each individual location.

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