System Benefits

What are the benefits of PestNetOnline, and why is it relevant to you?

Your business is protected

Whether you are concerned about your defense against pest infestation, or the integrity of your pest control records, PestNetOnline will help to protect your business. Tools like interactive site plans show the coverage of your site’s pest control, and highlight any areas with pest infestations or outstanding recommendations. Real time data and online documentation ensures that your pest control records are always complete and up to date.

Your service is tailored

The complexity and functionality of PestNetOnline is controlled by the five business solutions – Proof Of Service, Issue Alert, Standard, Professional and High Dependency, each designed to meet the various needs of our customers. PestNetOnline offers additional functionality to multi site customers, such as Site Collections which allows you to group your estate into sets for reporting purposes.

Your data is safe

The purpose of PestNetOnline is to give you peace of mind about your pest control. In addition to providing comprehensive pest control records, online document storage and analysis and reporting tools, we have ensured that PestNetOnline is a secure application through use of hashed passwords, https encryption and a secure, backed up data center.

Your data is available

PestNetOnline is an online application, meaning that it is available from any internet access point, 24/7. It does not require you to install any software to use it, and is a completely paperless system. All of the data can be exported directly from the system as a CSV file, or you can build and schedule custom reports, which can even be emailed to non PestNetOnline users.

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