Proof Of Service

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Proof Of Service is the simplest of the PestNetOnline levels and is designed for those customers who only need to demonstrate duty of care. A technician will install a single barcode onto your site, which will be used to record all pest control information for that address.

Although all of the PestNetOnline levels can be adapted to multi site users, this level is intended for single site customers.


Barcode per site

All information is gathered against one site level barcode. Multiple records can be recorded against each site, maintaining transparency of Rentokil’s visits, but all data is summarized, i.e. pest activity by species is recorded for the whole site, not for each pest detector location.

Visit detail and information

Our technicians will capture data about visits, pest activity, recommendations, tasks and preparations but no detail will be given about specific locations.


Proof Of Service only reports materials data as a total for a site. For example, if 10 pest detectors were filled with 10 grams of rodent bait, then PestNetOnline will display the site total of 100 grams of bait. PestNetOnline also provides the safety data sheets for each pesticide.

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