Business Solutions


PestNetOnline offers five different Business Solutions, each catering for the differing requirements of detail and functionality of our customers. The levels are designed to help you manage the risk of pest activity to your business and to simplify the maintenance of your pest control records to meet your quality standards. Proof of Service is a simple model with summarized information while High Dependency has granular detail and online tools for reporting and analysis of data.

 Proof Of ServiceIssue AlertStandardProfessionalHigh Dependency
Barcode structure1 barcode per site1 barcode per siteZones - 1 barcode per zoneZones - flexible barcodes per zoneAll pest detectors
MaterialsSummarySummarySummaryDetector detailDetector detail
Visit detailTickTickTickTickTick
Site plansCrossCrossCrossTickTick
Audit checklistCrossCrossCrossCrossTick

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