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High dependency is designed for those customers that need detailed pest control records with a clear, demonstrable audit trail. As well as complete PestNetOnline coverage for your sites, High Dependency has a range of online tools designed to help you manage the data, including a dedicated audit section.

High Dependency is a suitable solution if you need comprehensive pest control records to help proactively manage pest control on your site and to demonstrate compliance to external agencies.

Complete barcoding

Every single pest detector on your site has a barcode so that our technicians can record pest control information at each individual location.

Visit detail and information

Our technicians scan, maintain and record pest control data at each barcoded location, recording specific information about the visit, pest activity, recommendations, tasks and materials for each detector.


The amount of material used is recorded at each barcode point, enabling complete accountability; PestNetOnline also provides safety data sheets for each pesticide.

Site plans

Site plans display every single pest detector across your site. This means that you can immediately see how well your site is covered and identify any areas suffering from infestations.

Audit checklist

Key audit information has been summarized on a single page, simplifying your audit process. The page consists of audit documents, site plans, links to pest control data pre-filtered to a 12 month audit period and a variety of charts highlighting pest activity, Rentokil visits and recommendations.

Trends analysis

Three chart options allow you to display data across fixed or custom time periods for entire pest families, i.e. rodents, individual pest species, i.e. mice or to compare two different time periods to track seasonal trends. Multi site users have a fourth chart that enables them to compare pest activity across their entire estate.


Reports are created by you to your specifications and are delivered by email as a spreadsheet. You can build reports on pest activity, recommendations, tasks, visits, materials and can choose to run them once now, once in the future or schedule them at regular dates to suit you. Reports can also be emailed to non PestNetOnline users.


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