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Mutant Mosquitoes

Their whine may be irritating, but it is the bite of a mosquito which can prove deadly. Although all mosquitoes will bite humans and cause those horrible itchy wealds, not all mosquitoes carry disease. The Anopheles species of mosquito carries malaria. According to the WHO, in 2008 malaria caused nearly one million deaths, mostly among [...]

Is Your Carpet An Insect Inn?

From an insect point of view carpets are a cosy hotel offering camouflage from human eyes and 24 hour room service. Dropped crumbs and dead skill cells provide an endless food supply, not to mention the pile itself which is considered gourmet by some insects. The only potential downfall of the carpet hotel is the vacuum [...]

Beetle Bling

Decorating your little black dress with a crystal coated Madagascan hissing cockroach brooch will certainly be a conversation opener at the Christmas party. A few years ago US fashion label Black Chandelier made a splash in the media with their Swarovski studded cockroaches. They were crawling out the store faster than the resident beetle blinger [...]