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Rodents on the rise: Don’t let them ruin your reputation.

It’s starting to get cold. Really cold. And that means my exposure to the outdoors is limited to the scurry between my front door and my car. We all turn to the indoors when it gets cold and we’re not the only ones: rats and mice do the same thing. In fact, since the end of summer we’ve seen an 18% rise nationally in the number of commercial call outs we’ve had for rodents.

There’s A Mouse About The House

Like many people of my age I grew up with two very famous mice in my life. They were Sylvester’s tormentor, Speedy Gonzales and poor Tom’s nemesis, Jerry. How I used to cheer for those mice as they ran rings around their protagonists. Later in life I faced the real thing, Mus musculus – the [...]

Mice Rehoused In Wimbledon Balls

Over the Wimbledon fortnight hundreds of tennis balls are used, in some cases a new ball every set. So what happens to all the balls following the conclusion of the tournament? I bet you would never guess. Following Wimbledon 2011, Lakes Aquarium in the Lake District, submitted an unusual request. With a house mouse rehousing [...]

Mice in the News and in the Newsroom

Mice and rats are in the news lots at the moment, read this post and this story for example. But recently I visited an actual newsroom where they have had a mouse problem. Several newsreaders from the TV were there. I asked one what she would do if she saw a mouse when she was on TV. [...]