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Gardening And Pest Control

Now spring is in full boom many of us have been tempted into the garden to weed and prune neglected winter plants. The garden is thriving with helpful wildlife like ladybirds, bees and worms but insects like ants, aphids, slugs and snails are rarely a delight for a keen gardener. But before you reach for [...]

Ants Farm Livestock For Supper

A closer look into the relationship of ants and other insects: Ants are known to keep cattle, such as aphids and caterpillars, which in exchange for protection produce honeydew, a sugary liquid.

Wisteria Scale Pest Could Wipe Out Wisteria Plants

Not everyone knows that Ambius (previously Rentokil Tropical Plants) is part of the Rentokil Initial family. Although their pests are different to traditional Rentokil pests like rats, mice and cockroaches – their beautiful interior plant displays and exterior landscaping can suffer from infestations too. Take the Wisteria Scale Pest for example. It was highlighted earlier this year [...]

Digging Deep For Charity Give & Gain Day

What began as a throwaway question at a team meeting about doing a charity event  snowballed… into the team donating a day of their working week to Millpond Primary School based in Bristol as part of Business in the Community’s Give & Gain Day 2009. The school had put in a request for a volunteer team to [...]