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Mosquito Trending in Malaysia

Many have considered mosquitoes to be harmless due to its small and fragile nature. But little did they know that, mosquitoes have caused more human fatalities compared to any other creatures on earth. Although they may not look dangerous, mosquitoes are actually carriers of deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Recently, Aedes mosquitoes have posed a serious [...]

Dengue Fever Reported In Madeira

Six British holidaymakers have contracted Dengue after visiting the Portuguese Island of Madeira. Since the viral infection was detected three weeks ago the Health Protection Agency has reported 52 cases of the potentially deadly disease and a further 456 are suspected. This is the first time Dengue has been reported in Madeira. Dengue fever is [...]

Mutant Mosquitoes

Their whine may be irritating, but it is the bite of a mosquito which can prove deadly. Although all mosquitoes will bite humans and cause those horrible itchy wealds, not all mosquitoes carry disease. The Anopheles species of mosquito carries malaria. According to the WHO, in 2008 malaria caused nearly one million deaths, mostly among [...]

A Smoking Rat, a Ride on the ‘Cockroach Express’ and other News

There have been three quite uncommon news regarding pests in the first week of December. A pet rat, with a taste for nicotine caused a fire with a cigarette; passengers on the Geetanjali Express from Howrah to Mumbai have to suffer hundreds of cockroaches on the 30 hour train ride and there is a single man for Plague prevention in Mumbai.