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Cockroach Catching Owls

I’ve previously blogged about pest control pets such as mosquito loving toads and rat catching dogs but a visit to a local rescue center introduced me to the Little Owl. As the Little Owl perched on its branch and peeped at me wearily I read the placard clipped to its cage which described how the [...]

Cockroaches and Cookers

The cooker cleaning man pays a visit once a year to chisel off the caked-on crumbs and other fossilized artefacts which bond to the oven interior like a barnacle. Nothing within my cleaning arsenal can remove the nastiness. No matter how much I spray or scrub the range it still looks a bit grubby. There [...]

Can Cockroaches Survive a Nuclear Blast?

Welcome to another instalment of urban [pest] myths with Matt. This time I’m looking into the history of the oldest chestnut in the book: ‘roaches versus bombs’. This one is quite tricky and needs to be broken down a bit to be investigated. First question is: Why cockroaches? Why not locusts or wasps for example? [...]

Nocturnal Pests and the Dark Supermoon

Some say that strange things happen on a full moon, and there are certainly a lot of pests like bed bugs and cockroaches which creep out under the cover of darkness. Tonight there will be a dark supermoon which means the moon is closer to earth than it normally is, but we won’t be able [...]

Pest Control Weapons

There’s a pest control assistant in every household. It may be lurking beneath the stairs or locked away in a dark cupboard…. yes you’ve guessed it (and the picture was a bit of a giveaway too)… it’s the vacuum cleaner. This household star appliance not only keeps your home clean from the dust, dirt and [...]