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Working Pets

Some pets are high maintenance and need looking after all the time. They might need to be fed, walked, taken to the vets for shots or dentistry work. So when choosing a pet, make sure it contributes to the household chores. The Little Owl was kept as a pet in Victorian kitchens to catch the [...]

My Big Fat Rat Is Back

My big, fat rat is back. A while ago I blogged about an obese rat the size of a small cat. I hadn’t spotted it for around a year so I thought it had either met its maker or moved onto pastures new where there was a better source of food to scavenge. Well now the [...]

The Curious Lives of Fleas

Fleas are still biting and causing considerable concern for dog and cat owners everywhere. According to research, there are more fleas during the fall and winter than during spring and summer. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) A commonly held belief that fleas die off or are no longer active during the colder months [...]

Los amigos de Belén y las plagas

Como ya he dicho muchas veces, desde que trabajo en control de plagas, todos mis amigos me cuentan sus historias sobre las plagas, así que os voy a hacer un resumen de las plagas que ellos han encontrado en sus casas para que os deis cuenta de que no es tan raro y que le [...]

When Flea Catching Becomes A Sport

Entire evenings were lost to the pursuit of cat fleas. Me and the other-half would compete to see how many fleas we had caught, holding a glass of nasty bugs to the light like trophies. Every now and again one of us would slap our socks shouting “score!” Fat flea: two points. Regular flea: one point.