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Mutant Mosquitoes

Their whine may be irritating, but it is the bite of a mosquito which can prove deadly. Although all mosquitoes will bite humans and cause those horrible itchy wealds, not all mosquitoes carry disease. The Anopheles species of mosquito carries malaria. According to the WHO, in 2008 malaria caused nearly one million deaths, mostly among [...]

Beware Of The Sand Fly Bite

Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner revealed that he ‘feared for his life’ after a sand fly bit him and laid eggs in his leg. Gardiner had been bitten by the sand fly whilst on holiday in Belize. The Caribbean countries of Belize and Honduras are notorious for their sand fly populations and travel pages [...]

Ticks – A Tiny But Dangerous Pest

Although a bite from the tiny American Deer Tick is virtually painless, its effects can be long-lasting if the tick was carrying Lyme Disease.  Although Lyme disease is not fatal, it can seriously threaten your health with arthritis, irregular heartbeats and even paraylysis. Here are some quick tick tips to keep you safe and healthy [...]