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Protect Your Business From A Legionnaires’ Outbreak

This headline from CNN caught my eye, Chicago hotel shuts fountain, spa after fatal Legionnaires’ outbreak. This outbreak happened at a well established hotel… so what happened? Legionella Bacterium is present in most water sources, including lakes and rivers, although largely in harmlessly low numbers. However, given the right environment, Legionella can become a serious [...]

Do you want flies with that?

ZZZZzzzzzzzt! It’s strangely reassuring, when queuing at a butcher’s or baker’s counter, to hear the noise of an insect meeting its doom on an ultra-violet light trap. It makes you feel safe in the knowledge that a fly isn’t going to land on the food you are about to buy. Would you feel the same [...]

Where Is The Dirtiest Place In The Office?

Since the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic the use of hand sanitisers has sharply increased. The widespread publicity of swine flu brought to the attention of many people the importance of good hand hygiene. Cars, office drawers and handbags across the country rattle with tiny plastic bottles of sanitiser. But applying a bug-killing solution to your [...]

Students’ Furry Fury Over Rat Curry

A rat’s head found in a chicken curry created a major uproar yesterday. The rat was discovered by a student dining at Rajshahi University in western Bagladesh, sparking a flash of angry demonstrators calling for action to be taken against the chef.

Shooting Insects For Science – Again

Following the popularity of David’s first interview, we probed some more about his fascinating art. We hope you enjoy this new selection of images, available from Clouds Hill Imaging for schools, laboratories or individuals to grace their walls with some amazing artwork. DJ: Why did you choose macro photography over more well-known genres like landscapes [...]