Super Rats and Giant Rats – Fact or Fiction?

pest control - super rats and giant rats

Over the past couple of years, the news has been filled with stories of people spotting giant rats in their homes and businesses as well as tales of indestructible super rats. With all this media attention around these new “breeds” of rodents, I thought it was about time some truth was shon on these urban legends.

Super Rats

So, what’s the deal with super rats? Well, to put it simply there was an increase in the number of rodents showing a resistance to bait. Because of this, some people started to believe that a new “super” breed of rodent had started to develop.

The reality is, that the alleged ‘resistance’ is actually a result of poor pest control practices, among other things. Although, yes, there are a few rodents that are more resistant to bait than others, utilising other rodent control solutions, and effective proofing, can help keep your home and/or business rodent-free.

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Giant Rats

I’m sure you have read an article online or in a newspaper of something finding a giant rat in their home. You may be wondering if this new breed of rodent exists or not.

Well to put in simply, this is actually a myth. Why? Well like humans, rats come in different shapes and size, just like you can have a person who is extremely tall, you can also have a rat which is on the larger side of the spectrum.

To add to this, more often than not, these photos which make their way around social media sites of giant rats are often just an illusion. Why? One word, perspective. Using certain tricks using a camera you can make a normal sized rat look like a giant!

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giant rats

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