Global Pestaurant 2015

IMG_1034On the 3rd of June 2015 Rentokil launched Global Pestaurant in 11 different countries worldwide serving up an array of utterly unique, and delightfully delicious edible insects.

The aim of Pestaurant was to introduce the public to the benefits of adopting an insect rich diet. This was done by offering a range of insects infused treats such as Chocolate Chip, peanut butter and cricket cookies, as well as mealworm brownies! The idea behind this was to help people to get over the initial shock of eating insects and showing just how incredibly tasty edible insects can be.

This year over 18,000 edible insects were consumed globally, proving just how tasty creepy crawlies can actually be. Pestaurant will be returning bigger and better next year, and we would love for all of you to be a part of this global event.

Interested in learning more about the health benefits of edible insects? Then read our previous blog post about the wide world of entomophagy here.


Australia was the first country to kick off Global Pestaurant 2015 with an internal event, offering a wide range of edible insects to the team at our Sydney and Melbourne branches.

Edible Insects on offer

  • Mealworm hot dogs
  • Ant lollipops
  • Cricket hot dogs
  • Ants on a log with real ants!

Do you want some mealworms with your sausage sizzle? #pestaurant #Australia #yum

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Turkey was the next country to start Pestaurant, offering a whole range of edible insects to the city of Istanbul.

Edible Insects on offer

  • Scorpion lollipops
  • chocolate crickets
  • Curry flavoured mealworms
  • Salt and Vinegar crickets

Pestaurant Turkye


Next up was Estonia, bringing edible insects to the city of Tallinn. Although the weather was a bit windy, that didn’t stop the children getting their teeth stuck into some scorpion lollipops.


Norway brought Pestaurant to Oslo and with them a whole range of exciting edible insects to help get people into entomophagy with help from Mathallen Oslo! After getting over the initial fear of eating an insect, people were astonished around how tasty some really are.

Around 5,000 Norwegians showed up to take the challenge of trying edible insects, eating their way through nearly 6,000 bugs!

Even local radio presenters from Radio Norge were getting their teeth stuck into some edible insects pestaurant 2015 - radio Norge trying edible insects

Edible Insects on offer

  • Mealworm takoyaki
  • Locust breaded falafel
  • Chocolate ants
  • Grasshopper Lollipops

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Next up was Lithuania. Introducing the city of Vilnius to entomophagy for the first time! Over 1,000 people got their teeth stuck into some edible insects consuming over 3,200 bugs.

Pestaurant Lithuania

 Edible insects on offer

  • Mexican spiced mealworms
  • Sour cream and onion crickets
  • Water bugs
  • Roasted locust

Read more out the Lithuanian Pestaurant event here


Cologne was the next city to get thoroughly introduced to the world of edible insects. Over 1,000 Residents of Cologne turned up to the event and they couldn’t get enough of the edible insects Pestaurant had to offer, munching their way through 1,800 bugs.

Edible Insects on offer

  • Mini Burgers with toasted mealworms
  • Lemon and Passion fruit ice cream with crispy crickets
  • Mexican Warps with fried grasshoppers

South Africa

In the city of Johannesburg at the Cresta shopping centre, Pestaurant was open to help the people of South Africa get their teeth stuck into some bugs!

Edible Insects on offer

  • Buffalo Worm Brownies
  • Crickets and Cream cheese rice cakes
  • Cricket wraps
  • Mealworm wraps
  • Mealworm chocolate

Pestaurant was also a hot topic on kyknet TV in South Africa.


The republic of Ireland held their own internal event, playing host to a range of different treats using edible insects at our Limerick offices.

Edible Insects of offer

  • Chocolate Chirp Cookies
  • Mealworm Doughnuts
  • Ant lollipops

United Kingdom

The UK, home to where Pestaurant first started 2 years ago, set up shop in Cardiff, offering a wide range of edible insects, with the help of Grub Kitchen, to Wales. Around 1,000 people showed up and munched their way through over 5,000 edible insects.

Edible Insects of offer

  • Chocolate chip, peanut butter and cricket cookies.
  • Bug Blinis
  • Mexican spice mealworms
  • plain roasted locusts

Read more about the event from ITV news.

United States of America

Next up was our sister company Ehrlich Pest Control, bringing edible insects to Boston with the help of Hostess Catering. On top of this, for every insect consumed at their Pestaurant event Ehrlich donated $1 to The Greater Boston Food Bank.

Edible Insects on offer

  • Grasshopper Turkey Burger
  • Chocolate Chirp Cookies
  • Clorm Chowder
  • Mealworm Fried Rice

Cricket Eating Contest

Asides from offering delicious edible insects, Ehrlich also held their second annual cricket eating contest. 20 brave contestants entered to consume 3 cups full of crickets as fast as they could. A record time was set this year of 1:14, who thinks they can beat this time next year?

Logan, our big cricket eating contest winner! #Pestaurant Boston

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Read more about the Pestaurant event in Boston here.

Trinidad and Tobago

Last, but not least was Trinidad, providing The Brian Lara Promenade, Port-of-Spain, with an array of edible insects. 1267 insects were consumed in Trinidad that day along with a range of insect inspired entertainment.

Edible Insects on offer

  • Chocolate ant rounds
  • BBQ mealworms
  • Giant chocolate water beetles
  • roasted locusts

Dancing bugs on the streets of Port of Spain #trinidad #pestaurant #ieatbugs2015

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The Pestaurant Cookbook

If you missed your chance to try some of our delicious edible insects, or you simply couldn’t get enough and are craving for more, then have no fear as the Pestaurant cookbook is coming out very soon!

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