Do you hate cockroaches? Well, you're not alone! These creepy-crawlies make most people shudder. Maybe it's because people associate them with filthy environments. Also, cockroaches can spread many diseases, so you're not going to want to cuddle up beside them any time soon. So you have good reasons for avoiding these [...]
Tue, Oct 18, 2016
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Rentokil get rid of cockroaches in home
Both homeowners and businesses have good reason to be concerned about cockroaches. When people see a cockroach scuttling across your floor, they'll think that your premises are dirty, unhygienic and even unhealthy. Remember that cockroaches can spread a range of diseases, as well as trigger asthma and other allergies! However, when [...]
Thu, Oct 13, 2016
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Rats vs Mice
There's a rodent in my house? Is it a rat or a mouse? When you notice that an uninvited guest is nibbling your food while you sleep at night, you will no doubt suspect rodents of paying you an unwelcome visit. But what type of rodent do you have? How can [...]
Tue, Oct 11, 2016
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DIY Rodent Control
We all like to think that we are self-reliant and can solve our own problems. So when we see rats or mice in our homes, our first reaction is to scurry to the internet to see if we can find a way to eliminate these rodents ourselves. The problem is that [...]
Fri, Sep 30, 2016
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Autumn has officially arrived and with it the need to maintain your home for two very good reasons. One, to efficiently keep out the colder, wetter weather and two, to prevent common autumn pests. Both these reasons make good financial sense too. If you seal gaps and holes in your home, you [...]
Thu, Sep 08, 2016
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