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Giant Rats: Fact or Fiction?

Recently, both the internet and newspapers have been filled with stories of people finding supposed ‘giant’ rats

Super Rats: Fact or Fiction?

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Is Your State at Risk for the Zika Virus?

  Who is at most risk for contracting Zika in the U.S.? NASA scientists worked with the National

Thick-Skinned Bed Bugs Defy Insecticide Treatment

Researchers at the University of Sydney have discovered that bed bugs showing resistance to commonly used

Presto-X Helps Family in Need with Bed Bug Problem

Presto-X Pest Control, a member of the Rentokil family of the companies serving customers throughout the

21st Century Pests

In recent years, across the globe, pests have become a big annoyance in the day to

Rat bites in ‘private’ parts, human eating pests and vice versa

I wasn’t planning to write about pest in the headlights so soon after the ‘interesting’ news

A Smoking Rat, a Ride on the ‘Cockroach Express’ and other News

There have been three quite uncommon news regarding pests in the first week of December. A