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Community Connects: Mosquito Pest Control – India

Over at Rentokil India our team of pest control experts have been working hard providing our

Don’t share your home with pests this summer

Indian Summer has started and we can expect a wide range of pests proliferating and pest

It’s Fly Season

This post deals with a natural predator of common pest flies, the so-called robber flies (Asilidae).

Rat bites in ‘private’ parts, human eating pests and vice versa

I wasn’t planning to write about pest in the headlights so soon after the ‘interesting’ news

A Smoking Rat, a Ride on the ‘Cockroach Express’ and other News

There have been three quite uncommon news regarding pests in the first week of December. A

Of Bamboo and Rats – Flowers and Famines

Every few decades, there is a synchronic bamboo flower all across India, during which a large