• Presto-X Helps Family in Need with Bed Bug Problem

    Presto-x Pest

    Presto-X Pest Control, a member of the Rentokil family of the companies serving customers throughout the central United States, got into the spirit of the holidays this week by offering to help a family in need in Aurora, Colorado with their bed bug infestation. The family’s story was featured on the Denver area FOX31 local T.V. Read more…

  • fly control solution for hotels
    One of the last things a hotel or restaurant owner wants is to have negative publicity in the media. These days there are so many ways this can happen. Stories can appear in the local news because food hygiene inspectors found signs of mice or cockroaches in the kitchen, or [...]
    Thu, Oct 20, 2016
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    10 facts about cockroaches
    The first mention of cockroaches can often make your skin crawl and your hairs stand on edge. These crawling insects are synonymous with dirt and filth, and to make matters worse, like a giant bacteria magnet, they can also assist in the spread of disease! Click here to view our infographic [...]
    Mon, Oct 17, 2016
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    diy cockroach control
    Cockroaches can be a big concern for homeowners and businesses alike! Not only are these crawling insects synonymous with dirt and filth, but they can also spread a range of diseases, as well as trigger asthma and other allergies! click here to learn about the diseases spread by cockroaches More often than [...]
    Wed, Oct 12, 2016
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    diy rodent control
    Like with most pests, the first sighting of rats or mice in our homes can often send us frantically running to the almighty Google to ask how we can get rid of these rodents ourselves. A simple internet search will deliver countless articles with numerous DIY solutions and home remedies for [...]
    Fri, Sep 23, 2016
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    A white paper on global food safety
    A new innovation from Rentokil builds on an old idea but plugs an important gap in protecting businesses from rodents. The ConeStop is an adaptable plastic cone that effectively blocks rats and mice from running along pipes and cables. Threat to businesses Rats and mice are agile climbers and intelligent enough to find [...]
    Tue, Sep 20, 2016
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    food waste in food processing
    Food waste is a rising global concern. The FAO estimates that one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is wasted. That's approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year! Food waste statistics Food losses and waste amounts to roughly US$ 680 billion in industrialised countries and US$ 310 [...]
    Thu, Sep 15, 2016
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