If you have stepped outside recently you've probably noticed the slight change in weather. And if you're unfortunate like me you naively thought the sun was your best friend and ended up getting burnt whilst enjoying the sun's glistening rays. However, there is one pest which likes to appear during the [...]
Mon, May 22, 2017
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use by dates
We have all come across those different dates and terms labelled on our food during our trips to the local supermarket or grocery store. However, the different types of advice can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and lead to some confusion, contributing to the 1.3 billion of tonnes of food [...]
Wed, May 17, 2017
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edible insects
I know what you're thinking… the idea of eating insects is gross! But don't be too quick to dismiss this option. There are a bunch of benefits to introducing edible insects into your diet ranging from the nutritional value to the impact on the environment. Entomophagy (a term used to describe eating [...]
Mon, May 08, 2017
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The global community has made significant strides since 2000 to eradicate malaria. These were largely triggered by the adoption by the UN of the Millennium Development Goals and a subsequent large increase in funds. The international financing available for malaria control has increased about 20 times, reaching US$2.7 billion [...]
Tue, Apr 25, 2017
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A friend lives on a housing estate that is infested with mice, so she bought some traps to catch any that stray into her house. The instructions on the box recommend baiting the traps with peanut butter or chocolate. Not having peanut butter, she decided to raid her daughter's stash [...]
Mon, Apr 24, 2017
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how to prevent ants
Good news! The winter months are finally over in the northern hemisphere, which means spring is finally here! It's time to put those big winter coats away and start preparing for warmer temperatures and outdoor living However, although the weather is starting to change for the better, common springtime pests will [...]
Wed, Apr 12, 2017
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