The Great British Beer Festival meets UKWaspWatch

Last week the Earls Court Exhibition Centre held the annual Great British Beer Festival. As part of the festival, they run a hat day, which was on Thursday August 4th, so along I went with the UKWaspWatch hat. The hat is approximately 20 inches tall, and was designed as part of the campaign last year. I [...]

A day out on the road…

As part of the UKWaspWatch campaign, I decided some first hand wasp nest experience was just what I required, so I organised a day out with one of our London technicians Sam. The day started at 8am with an external routine visit for rodent activity. We also had three wasps’ nest treatments booked in for [...]

Warring Ants Vs Slavemaker Ants

In the ant world, if there were a set of enemies, these two species would be it. The Warring Ant also known as Temnothorax longispinosus, have become so accustomed to attacks from the Slavemakers, that they save their energy for this exact purpose. Slavemakers, steal the Warring pupae and brood, often also killing the workers [...]

Mice Rehoused In Wimbledon Balls

Over the Wimbledon fortnight hundreds of tennis balls are used, in some cases a new ball every set. So what happens to all the balls following the conclusion of the tournament? I bet you would never guess. Following Wimbledon 2011, Lakes Aquarium in the Lake District, submitted an unusual request. With a house mouse rehousing [...]

The Bee Swarm Epidemic

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a swarm of bees. The idea of it does scare me a bit, I have to admit! While bees are not considered aggressive, they will do what they need to if they feel threatened or even worse, if they feel their Queen is threatened. What [...]