A Teenager’s Perspective of Pests

rodentBeing future homeowners we thought we would dig deep into a teenager’s mind to find out how much they knew about pests.

These creatures, big and small, have the potential to affect their life in some way or another. Whether it be in the form of rodents infesting their workplace or bed bugs using them as a midnight snack in their home. Arming yourself early on with some basic knowledge around the common pests in your country, may just help you cope with any pest problem you encounter later on in life.

So how much do teenagers know about pests? We asked a 17-year-old to tell us – and some of her answers are pretty unexpected.

What Do you Know About Pests? 

Bed BugsLiving in a zoo for 14 years, pests have always crawled into my life, and I mean quite literally through my door. Despite this, I believe my knowledge of pests to be pretty poor with myself being unable to distinguish between the smaller creepy crawlies and instead squirming at their existence.

Writing this blog, I am sat here asking myself why I know so little about pests and the only answer I can produce is that many do not affect me so I don’t deem them pests. Being a typical ‘self-indulged’ 17 years old teenager, I do not have the responsibility of thinking about the problem of pests in our house and finding a solution, instead leaving it to my parents to worry about it.

What are you thoughts about pests? 

As many of you would agree, our opinions of pests change quite rapidly depending on the size and type of the pest we are faced with.


  • I have the stereotypical dislike of mice with their long tails which has been magnified by the stories I have heard during my week at Rentokil headquarters about how dirty they are compared to rats.

Bed Bugs 

  • Another one of my dislikes would have to be the range of much smaller pests such as bed bugs and woodworm, which are able to crawl their way into the tiniest of cracks. This is something that is absolutely astonishing especially to watch, but also rather disturbing to me.


I feel sympathy for spiders

SpiderSpiders are an animal/pest that I do not wish to flush down the plug hole or stand on; instead, I wish to release them carefully to the outside world with the use of a cup. This opinion is one that differs from many people but I just can’t help but feel sympathy for them. This probably comes from my father’s influence on me at an early age, asking me to dispose of spiders in a caring way often saying ‘What have they done to you?’ or ‘They are more scared of you than you are of them’.


Unusually I am quite comfortable around snakes asking for their appearance at my 12th birthday party. This was met by the sheer horror of my friends as the zoo keeper walked down the track to my house with a huge boa constrictor wrapped around his neck. I just remember the high pitched screaming from my friends who now say they have been ‘scarred for life’.


I can’t handle ladybirds

Lady BirdAlthough I do have a fondness for snakes and spiders, I do not wish to portray myself as an ‘animal lover’ as that is not entirely true. I absolutely hate ladybirds to the great entertainment of my friends and family.

Although many may not see them as such a pest, I certainly do! I believe my fear of them has stemmed from the invasion into my room by these small black and red creatures.

My old house seemed to be the perfect location for these flying bugs to settle down and breed, where in particular they seemed to love the window ledge next to my bed being home to probably 1000 with little exaggeration here.

As ladybirds can lay up to a few hundred eggs at a time their presence in my room was never ending! To this day, I am still confused about why they liked my window when they are usually found on plant leaves but relieved to find they have not followed me into my new house as of yet.

A reflection of the past and look into the future 

Looking at my past, it is clear to me living in a zoo did not give me an instant liking to all animals. This is obviously apparent to you through my rather strong dislike to ladybirds. In the future, pest invasion is something I am still not worried about, despite the high likelihood of it affecting all of us at least once in our lifetimes. I think I am reassured by the help and solutions offered today to tackle pest problems but perhaps I will develop more of an understanding of the consequences it causes when I have the responsibility for my own property. I can only hope that if my future home is ever invaded, that it is not by the dreaded ladybirds!