5 More Movies Rentokil Would Have Ruined

5 more movies rentokil would have ruinedA while back we wrote a blog about 5 Movies Rentokil Would Have Ruined, that was over 6 years ago! I thought that now would be a great time to update that list.

Rentokil doesn’t do movies, but if we did they’d probably be the worst in the world, so we’ll stick to pest control and let Hollywood make all the films. Without further ado here’s 5 More Movies Rentokil Would Have Ruined.


Spider Man PosterYou would think the genetics lab where Peter got bitten by a spider would have more procedures in place in case any spiders escaped. More often than not (actually all the time) a spider bite can be far more serious, and deadly, than just a few super powers, and can land you a fast ticket straight to a hospital.

Simple pest control techniques such as laying down some spider traps would have made sure no arachnid could escape and attack any unsuspecting humans (although gaining superpowers wouldn’t be so bad right?) – Something that needs to be considered when dealing with exotic and deadly spiders.

Luckily the genetics lab wasn’t as careful as it should have been as we need Spider-Man to take care of the Green Goblin. We can handle spiders, no problem, but Goblins – that’s a whole different level of pest control. We’ll leave that to Spidey!

Original Image via IMDB

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy PosterRaccoons in space… That can’t be healthy!

Raccoons are known for spreading diseases. Being around aliens whose immune systems aren’t used to these illnesses can’t be good (anyone seen War of the World’s?).. What would happen to the Galaxy if Starlord contracted rabies?

The wise-cracking raccoon Rocket is the product of a science experiment giving him more human like features such as the ability to talk. However, the pest characteristics of a raccoon make Rocket a vital part of the Guardians.

It’s a good thing Rentokil wasn’t around as who would have stopped Thanos?

Original Image via IMDB

Batman Begins

Batman Begins PosterA movie called Well Man – that would never have worked, right?

It’s hard to believe that a wealthy family such as the Wayne’s couldn’t afford to hire a pest controller to manage the bat problem on their grounds, especially as they had a small child running around. Bats are known to spread histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis through their droppings, not something you want around your children.

What if Thomas and Martha Wayne hired Rentokil to eradicate their bat problem, so when young Bruce fell down the well there was no swarm of bats to trigger his phobia?… Somehow I don’t think Well Man would have the same effect on the mob in Gotham City.

Original Image via IMDB

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter posterA giant snake in a school… that can’t be safe!

In the second instalment of the Harry Potter film series the school is traumatised by a large snake ‘petrifying’ students who aren’t purebred wizards. You would think a school playing home to thousands of young students would take extra precaution to make sure they are safe.

Maybe Hogwarts didn’t enlist the help of Rentokil as we are a ‘muggle’ company. Granted we aren’t that good at controlling trolls and Voldemort, but snakes are not a problem.

With Rentokil’s help, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets wouldn’t have featured so many child murders, leaving more room for quidditch matches, magic, and mischief.

Original Image via IMDB

The Crow  

The Crow Film PosterBirds raising people from back from the dead?

This cult classic sees a crow bring a recent murder victim back from the dead to avenge his fiance’s death on the eve of Halloween. If you have birds flying around your city that can bring people back from the dead, then surely this is a problem that needs to be controlled?

I mean there are 3 sequels to the original film, you would think after the second time a crow resurrected someone from the dead they would have done something about it. All that’s needed is some simple bird control techniques such as bird netting around the cemetery and voila no more resurrecting crows.

I don’t know about you, but although Eric brought justice to the people who murdered both him and his fiancée, I wouldn’t want a bunch of zombies running around my city. The guys in the Walking Dead look like they have a hard time controlling that pest problem.

Original Image via IMDB

Know any other films Rentokil would have ruined? Let us know in the comments below!